GTK GrantStation

Get to Know GrantStation

Tuesday, Feb 5
11 a.m. Pacific Time

GrantStation is your one-stop solution for federal, state, and private grants research.

Hear Jeremy Smith, GrantStation's Communications Director, and Sara Kennedy, Director of Online Education, take you on a tour of the GrantStation website. This tour provides tips on the most effective way to use all of the valuable resources the website offers, including the extensive funder databases that can help you identify the grantmakers most likely to fund your programs or projects.

By using GrantStation's databases and resource tools, you can begin to develop a successful grantseeking strategy for the next 12 to 18 months.


Jeremy Smith, Communications Director at GrantStation

After ten years in radio and six years as an announcer and Program Director at a local NPR Station, Jeremy began a business that specialized in "brining tech support to you." He was initiated into the world of GrantStation through that endeavor and joined the team in July of 2008. 

Connecting a nonprofit with funding has become a real point of enjoyment for him as he updates and develops new looks and features for the website. His goal is to make the process of finding funding the easiest part of the grant process. Hearing about the organizations that have not only received funding but found the information through GrantStation-or one of the Insider newsletters-is an excellent indicator of the success. He also hosts a show called General Protection Fault which provides listeners with " Computer Talk That You Can Use" every Wednesday at 6:30pm KSUA 91.5 FM.

s_hdr_img_3581103551044470544Sara Kennedy, Director of Online Education at GrantStation
Sara has been with GrantStation since February of 2007 and brings with her the experience of executive director for a local nonprofit. She also worked with the Veterans Administration as a research assistant for over a decade. Sara serves as GrantStation's Director of Online Education. 

She is responsible for bringing the best of grant writing expertise to your office or home through a variety of GrantStation webinars. Sara also provides personalized tours of the GrantStation website, including a training platform to help you get the most from GrantStation's many online resources.